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Color Change Kits
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    Color Change Kits

    Item # Price  
    KT-2782-102 13201321 $16.90
    KT-2782-104 13201322 $16.90
    KT-2782-105 13201323 $16.90
    KT-2782-106 13201324 $16.90
    KT-2782-109 13201325 $16.90
    KT-2782-112 13191321 $16.90
    KT-2782-114 13191322 $16.90
    KT-2782-115 13231319 $16.90
    KT-2782-116 13241319 $16.90
    KT-2782-119 13191325 $16.90
    • Description
    • Specifications
    Color change kits come with BA15S single contact bayonet base LED bulb and corresponding color lens. Kit gives the ability to change out any of our LD-52 series stack light lens and bulb with another. Colors available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White.

    LED color change kits provide economical solutions for any warehouse, factory or retail environment with need for instant visual signaling. Lights and color change kits are low cost, readily available and offer electricians and maintenance staff a simple off the shelf solution for making a customized color light stack. Maximum of five lights per stack.

    Tower lights and andon lights can be made in any custom color array by simple removal of top screw and sliding the lens out of it's channel to access the LED bulb/s.

    Common uses may include material replenishment systems, kanban control, visual signaling for down states, process status time indication, engineering requests, quality requests and more.
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