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22mm LED Wall Plate Indicator
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    22mm LED Wall Plate Indicator

    Item # Price  
    WP-1022-002 12351233 $17.80
    WP-1022-003 12361233 $17.80
    WP-1022-005 12331237 $17.80
    WP-1022-006 12381233 $17.80
    WP-1022-009 12391233 $17.80
    WP-2022-002 12351234 $17.80
    WP-2022-003 12361234 $17.80
    WP-2022-005 12341237 $17.80
    WP-2022-006 12341238 $17.80
    WP-2022-009 12341239 $17.80
    • Description
    This Wall Plate indicator fits most any single gang outlet box (minimum recommended depth of 2+"). Bearing a 22mm LED indicator light this allows for versatility in use and control. Common signal uses include: off limits, do not enter, fault, stop, caution, aid required, line down, off, required action, behind schedule, parts jam, among other time-sensitive or demanding issues.

    The wiring terminations are screw terminal interface. Power consumption is 0.8W

    The indicator light bears the CE and TUV markings for safety and conformity. Gang box not included.
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