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Indicator Lamp Kits
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    Indicator Lamp Kits

    Item # Price  
    KT-2211-000 473472 $24.89
    KT-2212-000 472474 $36.12
    KT-2213-000 475472 $48.09
    KT-2214-000 476472 $58.85
    KT-2215-000 477472 $71.09
    KT-2221-000 473471 $24.89
    KT-2222-000 474471 $36.12
    KT-2223-000 475471 $48.09
    KT-2224-000 476471 $58.85
    KT-2225-000 471477 $71.09
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    • Specifications
    Kits come complete with all components necessary for customer to assemble. Kits come with the LED indicator/s and ABS mounting box for ease in customer purchasing, assembly and wiring. The wiring terminations are screw terminal interface.

    For 120VAC version, simply run a 120VAC hot and 120VAC neutral wire correspondingly to light the indicator appropriately. For 24VDC version simply run a +24V hot and -GND neutral wire correspondingly to light the indicator appropriately. Power consumption is 0.8 watt per color indicator.

    ABS BOX: This non-metallic ABS switch box enclosure includes 22mm (7/8 inch) hole/s on the face for use with an LED indicator, push button or selector switch. Four mounting holes are provided for wall / machine mounting options.

    Basic electrical and mechanical skills are required. Assembly instructions not available.
    1.00 pounds
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