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LED Counters & Timers

LED timers, Takt timers, Cycle timers, Production Counters and more...
LED Counter or Timer
    Digit Height: Operation:
    Item # Price  
    AF-2625-314 663603 $414.75
    AF-2620-905 664603 $414.75
    AF-2620-912 665603 $414.75
    AF-2620-907 666603 $414.75
    AF-2645-314 604663 $624.75
    AF-2640-905 664604 $624.75
    AF-2640-912 665604 $624.75
    AF-2640-907 666604 $624.75
    LED Counter/Timer. Stock unit for fast shipment. LED Counters/Timers allow factory personnel instant access to real-time production counts/times. They can be used to monitor production output, batch counts, cycle counts, reject/bad part counts. Used as a timer they can be used for cycle timing, downtime monitoring, overage, changeover time and more. These counter/timer devices are often referred to as a industrial counters, takt clocks, takt timers, production counters, cycle counters, piece counters, led counters, electronic counters, or an array of other names. They are a valuable source of information to assembly personnel and plant managers. LED counters.
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