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LED Andon Lights-Steady

LED andon and LED stacklight Steady or Continuous operation lights operate by user applying power to the color control wire. These LED stacklights or LED andon lights are ideal for facilities using PLCs or machine outputs with ability to pulse output to control light steady or flash state. These are also ideal for facilities looking for subtle indication without flash distraction. These LED stacklights do not supply audible or flashing integrated control. See our flashing capable lights for options that include steady and audible or steady and flashing capability.
LED Andon Stack Light, Steady
    Voltage: Lights:
    Item # Price  
    LD-5221-100 407409 $63.00
    LD-5222-100 407410 $89.25
    LD-5223-100 407411 $101.85
    LD-5224-100 407412 $136.50
    LD-5225-100 407413 $157.50
    LD-5211-100 408409 $63.00
    LD-5212-100 408410 $89.25
    LD-5213-100 408411 $101.85
    LD-5214-100 408412 $136.50
    LD-5215-100 408413 $157.50
    Supports wiring for Steady (Continuous) light operation.
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    Tri-Color LED Lights
      Item # Price  
      LD-2648-700 1349 $99.75
      LD-2648-701 1350 $99.75
      Supports wiring for Steady (Continuous) light operation. User can pulse output to flash. LED light supports wiring to actuate either red, yellow or green state. No simultaneous activation. Single lens and light. Low voltage. Surface mount.
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