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22mm Panel Mount Buzzer
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    22mm Panel Mount Buzzer

    Item # Price  
    LD-2837-410 12171215 $10.45
    LD-2837-411 12181215 $10.45
    LD-2837-420 12171216 $10.45
    LD-2837-421 12181216 $10.45
    • Description
    22mm panel mount buzzers are frequently utilized as audible indicators on control cabinets, switch stations, machine adjustment panels, hand held control equipment, etc.

    The wiring terminations are screw terminal interface. With current draw of 15-20 milli-amps, this buzzer forms a continuous signal of 80dB at 10cm.

    This product bears the CE and TUV markings for safety and conformity.
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